Amy Harris 


Amy is all about empowering her clients to help them feel in control of their bodies and their healing process. She loves to educate her clients on exactly what is going on, be it an acute injury, muscle imbalance, or systemic condition. She will also keep you on your toes with a wickedly dry sense of humour.

After moving to Vancouver, I tried about a dozen RMTs before I was lucky enough to find Amy. Before meeting Amy, I often found myself disappointed after massage treatments as I felt the therapists weren’t addressing the root of the problem. I have a job that requires a mixture of being on my feet for long periods of time and being bent over a computer, combined with not always having time to take care of myself. This often left me with a sore back, neck, and shoulders. Amy was able to identify muscle imbalances based on my symptoms, and work to correct them along with giving home-care exercises and stretches. She is very client-centered, and can adjust her technique to achieve whatever I need most that day! My body feels much better since I started working with Amy, and I continue to see her regularly for maintenance treatments. I can always rely on Amy to do great deep tissue work so I leave feeling balanced and rejuvenated.
Sara Moore, Resident Doctor
Amy is the complete RMT package. She is personable, professional, full of knowledge and most importantly she listens and educates her clients. As a person who is very active in my day to day life, being mobile and injury free is imperative to my lifestyle. Amy is always able to address any concerns or issues I am experiencing very concisely. She is thorough, diligent and attentive to her clients needs. I have previously had questionable experiences with other RMT’s in the past, but Amy has definitely put those concerns to rest. I would (and have) highly recommend Amy to anyone who is looking for a great massage.
Anne, Personal Trainer
Amy is truly a master of her craft. She is not only knowledgeable, but also very much attuned to the needs of the body. Amy can quickly assess what is needed even when I cannot very well explain what is going on, gets to the source of the issue, and even suggests effective home-care. Moreover, she goes above and beyond in getting to know who you are as a person, your lifestyle, and your goals. I first started with Amy regarding a back issue due to my teaching style, which I then found out was actually a chest issue! Since then, I have continued working with Amy and she has helped me accomplish a long awaited goal of mine – passing a law-enforcement physical test. I still continue to see her regularly for tune-ups as there is no one else I trust more to help keep my body balanced.
Melanie, Secondary Teacher
As an active person, I’ve been a big fan of massage therapy as I find it can be a useful tool to help sooth any aches and generally helps with everyday mobility. Since moving to Vancouver, I’ve had trouble finding a good RMT that suits my needs. After working with Amy for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised with how good I felt after the massage. Not only does she work on what’s needed, but she’s very knowledgeable and isn’t afraid to share that knowledge with me in order for me to live a healthy and pain free life. I always look forward to my massage and would recommend her highly to anyone that wants a great massage and is into learning a little bit more about your body.
Jason Lee, Crossfit Trainer

Amy’s approach works best for:

  • People looking for deep tissue work

  • Acute or chronic injuries

  • Motor vehicle accidents

  • Muscle imbalances leading to poor posture

  • Headaches

Three random facts about Amy

  • She has a twin brother, her mom is a twin, her two older sisters are twins, her older brother has twins!!

  • She played basketball until she switched to cheerleading in high school.

  • She was a joiner then a legal administrative assistant before she became a massage therapist.