Rebekka Brandli  


Life can be very stressful at times ans it is difficult to find a place to recharge and feel some peace. I chose to be a massage therapist to hold space for people to heal and offer my skills to support their process.

I saw Rebekka Brandli RMT for recurring pain in my shoulder, from which I had been suffering for 10 years. Rebekka is extremely thorough and professional. She took care and time during our consult to determine possible causes for my pain and discussed options with me really clearly. The following massages dealt with the issue better than any treatment I had sought out in the 10 years prior. Rebekka is an excellent massage therapist and I have no issue with recommending her whole heartedly. My shoulder has never been as bad again, and if I need to see a massage therapist for it ever again I will absolutely choose to see her.
Caitlin Hertzcarrick
Since seeing Rebekka Brandli RMT. The loss of range of motion that restricted painfully many everyday activities has begun to improve. The often great discomfort stretching my arm has begun to ease, and reaching, as when closing a car door or picking up things, doing dishes and cooking is much improved. The overall discomfort in my upper back has lessened noticeably too, especially around the shoulder blades where Rebekka has been working. I like that you offer your perspective on what you find and your willingness to listen to my comments about what is happening for me . And that you let me know what you want to work on in response to my comments. so I’m really pleased with these changes since receiving the treatments and want to continue hoping for further improvements .
Thanks Rebekka.
Willie Turner
Rebekka’s approach works well for:
  • People of all ages with acute or chronic injuries
  • Headaches, and jaw pain
  • Women’s health, pregnancy and postpartum
  • Scar tissue mobilization
Three random facts about Rebekka
  • Rebekka moved from Switzerland to Vancouver in 2001 on a bicycle, the journey took one year. 3 years later she travelled the world on two wheels again with her 2.5 year old son and his dad for another 3 years.
  • One of her most treasured moments in life was racing through the badlands on a semi wild horse with a friend.
  • At different stages in her life Rebekka wanted to become a dancer, journalist and circus artist.