Samantha Page

AKA Sami the Holistic Healer


Sami is passionate about bringing positive change to the world. She believes that through massage therapy she can help people feel relaxed, have less pain and be grounded within themselves so they can live their life in a positive way, with more energy and a brighter outlook on life. 

Before meeting Samantha Page I had never heard of reiki. I have reaped the benefits of acupuncture and massage therapy but this was something I’d never delved into. I have have been dealing with severe trauma for several years and was willing to try anything. After my first session of reiki I felt a calm that I had not felt in so long. It actually depleted so much of my anxiety and lessened my panic attacks. I have always been so skeptical of alternative methods and was amazed by the effects reiki had on me. I now recommend it to so many people I know, and will continue with this.
Steph Ali
My job is very physical and I get stiffness and pain in my upper back and neck. After seeing Sami off and on for the last couple of years the pain and stiffness in my upper body is gone. Samantha’s expertise and intuition help me to relax. After every treatment my neck and shoulders feel freer. I think I sleep better too because I don’t wake up with neck pain. I highly recommend Samantha.
Mark S.
There are two things to know about a massage from Sami: 1. Her soothing hands will leave you feeling calm, destressed and pampered. 2. Her friendly, unruffled spirit will leave you feeling warm, embraced and downright smiley!! I love my massages with Sami!
Samantha is a really great massage therapist who takes care of her clients’ needs. She has great pressure, technique and is very intuitive. I feel very relaxed for days after a massage with her. I highly recommend Sami!

Sami’s approach works best for:

  • Suffer with Chronic Pain

  • Have been in motor vehicle accidents

  • Suffer from depression and anxiety

  • Deal with high levels of stress in their life

  • Are or have gone through the medical system and are feeling disconnected with their body

Three random facts about Sami

  • Sami loves crystals and stones for their beauty and healing properties. She makes lovely jewellery to help balance your energy and make you look good too!

  • She loves vanilla ice cream, alfredo, and avocados.

  • Sami is totally into science fiction and the idea of time travel.