Stephanie Talbot

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Stephanie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a special interest in weight loss, digestion, anxiety and depression. She has a passion for helping others and turning unhealthy food into something healthy! Tell her what your favourite treat is, and she will hit you back with a healthy alternative!  If you’re ready to get your health back on track, gain energy, balance your hormones, lose a few pounds or get rid of your uncomfortable digestive issues, Steph is your gal!

I have known Steph for probably as long as I have had my stomach and health problems (years!) but was too much of the stubborn macho guy type to have anyone look at what was going on. Steph is probably the most comfortable person to discuss your health issues with because she truly cares about her clients, she takes the time to understand the problems, issues and restrictions people have then sets the right plan up for them- not just some standard off the shelf solution!! Stephanie helped me identify a major wheat allergy, as well as other minor allergies. Cutting out these items have helped my body stop fighting me and as a side product of becoming healthy I’ve even managed to lose over 25 lbs! I’d highly recommend her to anyone!! Thanks Steph!!
I am so pleased to have gotten such great direction from Steph Talbot. I spent a lot of time convincing myself that all the things going on in my body were normal and everyone goes through them…. I was wrong! After getting great advise on which foods I should be eating and which I should not be eating (including a great meal plan) as well as which vitamins to take it was like an awakening. I am no longer suffering from bloating, cramps, being tired all the time and personal issues not to be named. I felt good and slowly making better choices in diet and general health became easier. For those tough times when I fell off the wagon, those random questions I had and support I needed, Steph was there to keep me on track and looking towards a better tomorrow. Thank you for showing me normal is feeling good all the time!
I have been feeling bloated, gassy and lethargic for a very long time, especially after meals. I’ve had heartburn or acid reflux since as far back as I can remember. I knew certain foods were causing the problems, but I didn’t know what ones. Stephanie got me to answer a questionnaire about my symptoms and my diet, and was able to put together a meal plan for me. She also gave me some very good information about the way I eat and water consumption. Within a month, all of my problems were gone. I felt great after meals and my energy level increased. The gassy/ bloating feeling was gone and my acid reflux had subsided.

Three random facts about Stephanie

  • I know sign language. Enough to communicate well.
  • I once chased a thief who stole my wallet on my scooter in the streets of Thailand
  • I can turn your favourite treat into something healthy or provide an equivalent alternative that’s good for you. Anything. Try me.