Quad stretch for after a run

I like to think I'm good at my quad stretching but truthfully I suck at it. Last summer I was running over the Burrard Bridge when all of a sudden I had a sharp searing [...]

Let’s Talk About Trigger Points Shall We?

What even is a trigger point you ask? Well a trigger point is a hyper irritable spot, a “knot” in a taut band of muscle with a specific pattern of pain referral associated with it. [...]

Stretching after a run…why you shouldn’t do it!

If you stretched I would be out of a job! It's a running joke in the massage therapy world that if everyone did their stretching and strength training, we wouldn't have a job. Thank you [...]

Cadence Health Services has a blog!

I have started this blog in order to reach out to our community. To give some helpful hints and tips regarding massage therapy, stretching and home care. I run a lot so there will be [...]

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