At Cadence Health Services, our team of skilled registered massage therapists will tailor a treatment to your specific needs. Whether that’s running your next PB or getting through your workday pain free, our award-winning team are here for you. Conveniently located on Arbutus and West Broadway in Kitsilano, we will get you back to optimal health as quickly as possible.








“Amy is the complete RMT package. She is personable, professional, full of knowledge and most importantly she listens and educates her clients. As a person who is very active in my day to day life, being mobile and injury free is imperative to my lifestyle. Amy is always able to address any concerns or issues I am experiencing very concisely. She is thorough, diligent and attentive to her clients needs. I have previously had questionable experiences with other RMT’s in the past, but Amy has definitely put those concerns to rest. I would (and have) highly recommend Amy to anyone who is looking for a great massage.”
“I’d describe my appointment as… freaking amazing!!! I have spent years going for massage therapy. Brooke has the strongest, yet most gentle fingers. She got to the meat of the issues (my ropy back, tight pecs, uneven hips) and massaged until I felt release. I am so happy I have found her. I am going back and am recommending her to anyone who values their health.”
“My job is very physical and I get stiffness and pain in my upper back and neck. After seeing Sami off and on for the last couple of years the pain and stiffness in my upper body is gone. Samantha’s expertise and intuition help me to relax. After every treatment my neck and shoulders feel freer. I think I sleep better too because I don’t wake up with neck pain. I highly recommend Samantha.”
“I truly just love going to see Shalena as I always feel just so wonderful after having my sessions. I leave with a little bit more of an understanding of what I have been feeling or dealing with at the time. This I would say is what I look forward to the most, and how great I feel after. Thank you!”
“Professional, caring service – I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Dr. Lebel is THE one to see!
I have known Eyal as a Acupuncturist, herbalist, and overall health guru for over 20 years. I have the utmost trust in him and have sought his guidance and expertise from everything from migraines, to physical pain, to insomnia, to digestive issues, to inducing labour. I continue to see him, have recommended his services to my friends and family, and would not hesitate to recommend him in the future.”
Working with Cary Rendek in my healing has been an exceptionally wonderful experience! She has helped me to move forward in a highly positive manner in my evolution; and has helped to anchor much compassion along every step of the journey. She brings that wonderful balance of intuition, emotional capacity, skill and dedication to her work with people. I would highly recommend Cary and her work to anyone who asks.
I have known Steph for probably as long as I have had my stomach and health problems (years!) but was too much of the stubborn macho guy type to have anyone look at what was going on. Steph is probably the most comfortable person to discuss your health issues with because she truly cares about her clients, she takes the time to understand the problems, issues and restrictions people have then sets the right plan up for them- not just some standard off the shelf solution!! Stephanie helped me identify a major wheat allergy, as well as other minor allergies. Cutting out these items have helped my body stop fighting me and as a side product of becoming healthy I’ve even managed to lose over 25 lbs! I’d highly recommend her to anyone!! Thanks Steph!!


Brooke Hulke
Brooke Hulke AKA The Hulk
RMT, Owner
Dr. Eyal Lebel
Dr. Eyal LebelAKA The shaman
TCM and Master Herbalist
Rebekka Brandli
Rebekka Brandli
Stephanie Talbot
Stephanie TalbotAKA feel good foodie
Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Samantha Page
Samantha PageAKA Sami the holistic healer
Jen Wasmund
Jen Wasmund


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